Racing Overseas?

Our Medical Expenses & Repatriation Race Insurance Cover is approved by the ACU and gives more extensive cover and higher sums insured than both the ACU's policy and the minimum cover stated by the FIM. There is enough to think about when you are racing, so you should not need to worry about the adequacy of your medical and repatriation insurance.

We are pleased to offer a comprehensive medical expenses, repatriation and personal accident policy for amateur motorcycle road racing (we also offer cover for many other "hazardous pursuits" - contact us for details about other schemes!). Click here for a cover summary. This policy has been formally approved by the ACU and their insurers and will be acceptable to obtain Start Permission.

Insurance Premiums for Europe for the 2014 season are:

  • £64 + £11 policy administration fee per event (including travel to and from) or 
  • £284 + £11 policy administration fee for an annual policy
  • We can also offer cover for racers travelling Worldwide - please contact us. (This policy does not cover events in the United Kingdom, Northern Ireland, Channel Islands or the Isle of Man. Please contact the ACU for details)

The ACU charge £15 to issue Start Permission, which must be paid to them on application. This is a separate charge payable to the ACU and not included in the premiums mentioned above. We will provide you with two copies of the policy - one for you and the other for the ACU. A Start Permission form is available by clicking here: ACU 2013 Start Permit Request 

Please contact us for further details or buy online - Click here for the application form - Complete one form for each event (unless arranging an annual policy)

Complete the application form and send with your payment (cheque or credit/debit card)
for £75  (or £295 for the annual policy):
Four Counties Insurance Brokers
40 Huntingdon Street
St Neots
PE19 1XF

We also insure Race Transporters, Race Vans and Caravans - why not ask us to quote?

Note added 14/12/2010 regarding cover in the Isle of Man: A new reciprocal health agreement between the UK and the Isle of Man governments was agreed on 1st October 2010, which means mainland residents visiting the Isle of Man will be covered as they would be on the mainland, as would Manx residents visiting the UK . Please refer to for further information.

Please note that our Race Insurance policy does not cover racing in the United Kingdom, Northern Ireland, Channel Islands or the Isle of Man; it is intended for competitive events elsewhere in Europe and Worldwide only.