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Finding the right cover, whichever way works best for you

Meet us online, over the phone or face-to-face. We’re brimming with experience and expertise in all things insurance, but what makes us unique?

  • Our breadth: Over 200 specialist policies designed for your businesses, properties, passions, and most things in between.
  • Our size: We have over 100 offices nationwide and more than 4,000 staff on hand to deliver you the service that suits your circumstances.
  • Our people: The advisers we hire are trained and able to give you advice; asking you all the right questions so that you have the protection you require.
  • Our partners: We work closely with the UK’s leading insurers to find you competitive cover options – often bespoke to your needs rather than ‘off-the-shelf’.

We believe in putting you at the heart of everything we do by:

Knowing our stuff

You wouldn’t go to a mechanic who didn’t know a socket wrench from a screwdriver, so why would you come to an insurance company who doesn’t know their field inside out? At Towergate, we keep our finger on the pulse of the insurance world and constantly seek out ways to innovate and better serve our customers.

Being an open book

You’ll always know where you stand with us. We promise to give you all the information you need before you buy your policy, while you hold a policy with us and – crucially – when you need to claim.

Creating great partnerships

We work with a wide variety of professional bodies, organisations and key groups that live and breathe the values of our communities. Whether that’s in the world of business, caring professions, boats, the military or simply insurance, our relationships are there to enhance your experience with Towergate.

Sharing your passions

Our customers live and breathe the things they need to insure with us, and so do we. From knowing the difference between types of boat, to understanding your unique business, or celebrating the care industry through our annual Towergate Care Awards - we are constantly involved in our communities.

A few questions

How long has Towergate been around?

Towergate began its journey in 1997, and since then we have acquired over 300 specialist insurance companies that make us who we are today. Whilst Towergate may have only recently celebrated its 20th birthday, many of the companies we acquired have long and rich histories that continue to provide expertise and customer service. For instance, our medical insurance team can trace itself back over 100 years!

If you’re so big, why haven’t I heard of you?

As a broker, we tend to be a little more “behind the scenes” than the insurance companies you see advertised on the TV. However, we do work with many of the companies you have heard of such as Axa, RSA and Aviva to draw up policies suitable for insuring the items and businesses we specialise in. Sometimes, we’ll go out to more than one of these insurers to find you the appropriate cover at a price that’s right for you.

What do you mean by “specialist” policies?

We mean we provide cover beyond regular home, car and travel insurance. We can still do those things but we also go above and beyond to provide cover to people with special requirements. For example, there are many houses in the UK which require specialist insurance because they feature an unusual construction or they’re in a high risk area. Many insurers won’t provide cover for these types of property at all but we’ve sought out policies designed to provide cover and therefore a comfort buffer for at-risk home owners such as those living on a flood plain.

What is a broker and how do you provide your policies?

Typically, a broker will take your requirements and source the right policy from an insurer. With some of our products, we’ll do just that (sometimes using a panel of insurers approved by us). With other products however, we’ll work with a particular insurer who will provide a policy which we’re confident is best for a particular purpose.

Who works for you?

We employ over 4,000 staff nationwide. Our advisers are trained extensively so that they can advise you on what sort of cover is suitable for you. Even our staff who aren’t customer facing are required to test themselves periodically on the rules and regulations surrounding insurance. Our advisers also tend to be knowledgeable and involved in the worlds in which they work. For example, our marine insurance team spend a day with the Royal Yachting Association to understand the differences between different types of craft and understand what each one may be used for and even which components may be at risk of damage.

Who works with you?

In addition to working with some of the largest insurers in the UK and worldwide, we also work with nearly 100 industry associations and partners to better understand your needs and how we can provide policies that really work for you. To name just a few, we have strong relationships with the British Independent Retailers Association, Care England, Team Army UK and The Fostering Network.