Protecting Your Home From Fire

A few quick tips to protect your home from the risk of fire:

  • Smoke detectors save lives. Fit at least two devices, one within the ground floor hall and one on the upstairs landing, preferably close to the head of the stairs. Remember to check that the batteries are still effective at least once every 3 months, and lightly vacuum clean the elements at least once a year.

  • Check your electric sockets, if there are too many plugs hanging off one power point, spread them around or have more power points put in. Consider having an additional residual circuit breaker.

  • If you have open fires, have the chimneys swept regularly. Use a fireguard when children are around or when drying clothes.

  • Don't let children play with matches or fire.

  • Don't leave hot fat or oil unattended on the cooker, if it catches fire, smother it with a fire blanket or damp cloth - not water.

  • Never use a gas appliance if you think it's not working properly. Signs to look out for are soot and stains around the appliance and a pilot light that often blows out. Never cover it or block the air vents.

  • Have your heating system and all gas appliances serviced regularly.

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