Protecting Your Home From Flooding

Here are a few quick tips to protect your home from the risk of flooding:

  • Winter brings the threat of frozen pipes that can flood the house. Around 300 gallons of water can gush out of a burst pipe in a single hour; if you are away, or if you don't know how to turn if off, the effect can be devastating.

  • Find out where your main stopcock is and check that you can turn it off and on. If you can't move it, don't be tempted to hit it with a hammer, contact a plumber instead.

  • If you go away in winter, leave your heating on at the normal setting, and ask a neighbour or relative to call in from time to time to check the pipes. Make sure they know where the stopcock is. If you don't have central heating, turn off the mains stopcock and drain the water system before you leave.

  • If a pipe bursts, turn off the mains stopcock, turn off the central heating system and turn on all the taps.

  • If you find a frozen pipe yourself and decide to defrost it, use gentle heat such as hot water bottles or cloths soaked in hot water, and remove any items that may be damaged by a burst.

  • If you live in a flood area, and you receive a flood warning, reduce the possibility of damage by acting quickly. As much as possible should be moved upstairs, especially electrical items and valuables and personal items that can't be replaced easily, like pictures and photographs.

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