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Our Horse Cover Includes:

  • Death by accident, illness or disease including disposal costs
  • No excess applies for death of your horse
  • Theft or straying including advertising or reward costs
  • Full cover available for horse up to 19 years old

Optional Covers:

  • Vets fees
  • Up to £2 million Public liability insurance
  • Loss of use
  • Equine legal protection cover
  • Riders' personal accident and dental cover
  • Saddlery & tack
  • Additional horse trailer insurance
  • Stable loss cover

Our Horse Cover Does Not Include:

  • Illness or disease in the first 14 days from inception of the policy
  • Slaughter (except on humane grounds) without our prior consent
  • Destruction of the horse as a result of economic expediency
  • Liability if used in connection with a riding establishment or public rides/fetes
  • Theft of Saddlery & tack if minimum security requirements not in place

These are just some of the key exclusions/limitations, full details will be found in policy wordings.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does Loss of Use mean?

Loss of Use or Permanent Loss of Use means that the horse is no longer physically able or can no longer be used for any one of the activities you have insured it for following an insured accident or illness sustained within the period of insurance. This cover is ideal for horses that have a skill or talent which means that they have a use to the owner. If these valuable horses have an accident or are unfortunate to encounter a condition which will prevent them from doing their “job”, this is when Loss of use on a horse policy will come into play. Loss of Use claims can be lengthy as the horse must be given time to recover. The insurer may require their own consultant vet to examine the horse and agree that the horse is beyond hope of recovery. Most insurance companies give the owner the choice of keeping the horse or having it humanely destroyed. If the horse is destroyed the insurer will require proof of destruction from your vet.

What policy would I need if my horse escaped from the yard and injured a passer by?

The legislation for when a horse owner is liable for the personal injury or death of any person, or damage to any property remains imprecise and the understanding of this legislation is still debated at length in the courts. As a result, situations whereby a horse owner is legally responsible and liable for damage or injuries caused by their horse are established on a case-by-case basis. This makes it extremely difficult to know whether, in any given context, an owner will or will not be liable if their horse injures a passer by, or a rambler passing through a field.

A precedent was, however, set in 2003, in what is known as the leading case on horse owner liability, Mirvahedy vs Henley. This was the Law Lords interpretation of the Animals Act 1971, which involved a horse escaping from a field and colliding with a car, causing the driver serious injuries. Although there was no fault or negligence on the part of the horse's owners, they were nevertheless found liable for the driver's injuries on the basis that it is natural for horses to panic, and the owners were aware of that. This case set an unfortunate precedent for all horse owners in that, no matter how careful you are, you could still be held liable for damage caused by your horse.

People taking horses on livery could also be held liable for any damage they cause as the principles apply not only to horse owners, but also to those who have horses 'in their possession' for which insurers sell specific policies.

Because of the risk of no-fault liability as detailed above though, it is essential for owners to obtain adequate insurance cover for third-party liability. This is provided by Towergate Insurance Brokers and all leading equestrian insurance arrangers.

You may have some Third Party Liability cover included in a membership to an equestrian organisation, but please check to make sure that the cover provided is adequate protection for your needs as some memberships only give insurance of last resort.

Note: The Country Land and Business Association (CLA) and British Horse Society (BHS) have discussed how to campaign against the Mirvahedy vs Henley precedent so that there is an amendment to the Animals Act relating to owners' strict liability.

You can include personal accident cover in a quote to insure my horse. Would that include cover for a third party if a friend rode him and was injured in a fall or would they have to have their own policy?

Towergate Insurance Brokers recommended policies provide Personal Accident cover, which attaches to the Insured Horse and covers anybody given permission by the Policyholder to ride, or be in charge of that horse as if they were the Policyholder. A full policy wording is available upon request from each insurer, and you should just check the Terms & Conditions and Exceptions as they all have slightly different wordings and/or restrictions. If in any doubt - ask your own insurer.

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