Protecting Your Home From Crime

Here's a few quick tips on how to protect your home from being burgled:

  • Install a burglar alarm and remember to set it whenever you are out of the house. Make sure it is maintained and clearly visible.

  • Make sure that you have good quality locks fitted to your outer doors, and key operated locking devices fitted to your windows. If you are a tenant you may be able to get the council or landlord to fit them.

  • Check that your doors are strong enough. Glass panels near locks are especially vulnerable.

  • Fit exterior lights, such as those with sensors that switch on when they detect something within range.

  • Use time switches - available from DIY shops - to turn on lights etc., when you are out, to make the house look occupied.

  • Don't keep large sums of money at home. If you have valuable items (such as jewellery) keep them in a safe deposit box rather than in your house.

  • Keep cash, keys and credit cards out of sight.

  • Join "Neighbourhood Watch" if there is one in your area. Arrange with your neighbours to watch your house if you are away.

  • Design your garden for security. If the walls or hedges at the front are too high they can allow thieves to attack your doors or windows while out of sight from the street. At the back, make walls harder to climb with materials that do not offer an easy grip, such as light fencing, trellis, or anti-climb resin.

  • Give your shed or garage a proper locking system and consider connecting it to the burglar alarm. Bicycles and motorcycles in the garage should be locked to ground anchors, and tools locked away. Ladders should be chained up, as they can be used to get into upstairs windows.

  • If you go away, remember to cancel the milk and papers

  • Get a friend or neighbour to look after the house when you are on holiday, to collect mail and generally make the house look lived in.

  • If you own a bicycle, "lock it and list it". In other words, even if you leave it just for a minute always lock it with a good quality lock to something solid. If you have quick release wheels take the front wheels off and put the lock through both wheels. To help the police (who have to auction thousands of unclaimed bicycles every year) make a note of its details and take a clear colour photograph. Ask your bicycle dealer to stamp your postcode on the frame with a coded cycle sticker to warn off thieves.

  • Use ultra violet pen, readily available from stationery stores, to mark your postcode and house name/number on all valuable and portable items of property.

  • Take photographs/video of valuable items, such as jewellery, watches etc. Remember to put a scale (e.g. ruler) in the picture. This can provide the police with valuable evidence in the aid of recovery of your property. (Try to store the photographs elsewhere than in your property).

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